What is Phire?

Phire is your media team in a box. We can supply you with a top-notch ad stack, world-class web development, and advice from some of the savviest industry veterans on the web.

More than that, our team of writers and content developers will work with you to expand your audience by creating new materials in your brand voice. If you want to go further, we’ll team up with you to provide the creative support necessary to take your content to the next level, whether that’s video, a podcast, or something entirely unique.

The Phire Solution

Phire opens your window of opportunity by giving you money, time, and strategic direction – quickly.

Phire Income

An Income Upgrade

Our optimized ad technology provides some of the best returns on traffic in the industry.

Phire Tech

Effortless Technology

Your FreePress™ website is entirely hassle free. We take care of plugins, patches, and monitor site performance. Your audience gets a great user experience, you see revenue and conversions increase.

Phire Strategy

Strategic Advice and Creative Opportunity

Use our resources to engage your audience in your own unique way.

How It Works

We start by building you a custom FreePress™ website. You consult with our editorial team and we begin providing content for you to share that matches your brand voice and vision.

From there we deploy our ad technology, run your servers, manage your advertiser relationships, and do pretty much everything else you need to do to run (and grow) a successful media company. You immediately begin generating revenue and you’re left with time to focus on engaging your audience and creating things that are important to you.

The next step is up to you. In consultation with our team, you can begin exploring opportunities. Get expert advice on expanding your reach to new platforms, leverage our creative talent to create new audience experiences, or tap our business team to explore new products altogether.

As you grow, we grow with you.

Let’s Talk

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